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Body Image Course

Do you…

Wish you didn’t obsess over food and weight loss every single day?

Want to work on healing your relationship with food but can’t move forward because of how you feel about your body?

Feel stuck in a body that you wish would change?

We get it. 

The diet-obsessed culture we live in has overcomplicated eating and makes us feel unworthy when we can’t live up to it’s impossible beauty and body standards. It has become normal to bully, tease, and be downright mean to ourselves when we can’t achieve perfection with our diet and body shape or size. But you don’t have to live like this! It is possible to reclaim your mental and physical health and wellness and start feeling better in your body today. 

Our Registered Dietitian Nutritionists have helped so many women find food and body freedom, and believe that you can too. We believe that your body is the least interesting thing about you, and you have so much more to offer the world than a number on the scale or a pant size. Which is why we created the Body Image E-course…to help you be more body positive and start living a well-nourished life. 

Our Body Image E-course is for you if…

You want to get evidence-based skills and tools to help you become more body positive by reclaiming your health, cultivating self-love and redefining beauty.

You are ready to explore your unique relationship with food and how you feel about yourself and your body. 

You need guidance and resources on how to break away from going on yet another diet this year. 

You want to stop putting your life on hold until you feel better about your body. 

This course includes:

  • A self study platform so you can learn at your own pace an on your own schedule
  • 4 video modules
  • Handouts so you can follow along and take notes
  • Journaling and writing prompts with action steps to put what you learn into practice
  • Our dietitians’ favorite resources for creating a more body positive environment
  • Access on mobile
  • Lifetime access